Sunday, January 24, 2010

The end.

Look how short my tail was one year ago today when I started my blog. I still have tales to tell so I guess I'll just have to keep doing my blog for ONE MORE YEAR. (It worked for Jake.)


  1. Does this mean you will only continue the blog for one more year? :( It should continue forever :) How does one spend the day with Dubs?

  2. Aha! So you've been know to hide under furniture since your early days... Ha ha. Nice bum.

  3. I agree - I enjoy your blogs, adventures and photo's ... and appreciate that you support all husky events, and love to see photo's of you at them as well as your Olympic photo's and general adventures in Husky Land .... please keep up the fun and GO DAWGS!!! Hope to see you soon at a softball game, spring game, opening day boating at the cut ...