Friday, September 18, 2015

I love to run!

Football season is underway. Woo woo! My favorite job is running the football team out of the tunnel. People sometimes comment that they think I should run off leash - that I am well trained and I will run to my handler at the other end of the field. This is true, so why can't we cut the leash? The thing is, I am a dog with a mind of my own. What if someone left a gate open and I decided to keep running? What if I decided to run to the nearest hot dog vendor instead of my handler? What if I saw a duck and decided to chase it? What if there was a delay of game because nobody could catch me?You get the point.

Nobody has ever asked me if I WANT to run off leash. The truth is, I am perfectly happy running on leash. I LOVE to pull and running the field is the only time I get to do it. This is what I was bred to do - pull a sled across the snow. Husky Stadium is my arctic tundra. When I am running across that field pulling my handler behind me, I am SO happy. And besides, I bet nobody ever asks why Ralphie doesn't run off leash.

Don't I look happy?