Friday, December 18, 2015

Call me Ambassador Dubs

UPDATE: November 2016 - the study is now closed. Results will be available in early 2017. Thanks to everyone who participated!

I was invited to join the Board of Canine Ambassadors at the Center for Canine Behavior Studies. As an ambassador, my job is to help spread the word about an important study called the Animal Ownership Interaction Study. Read below to learn more about it and how you can participate.

Veterinarian behaviorists Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman (Tufts Cummings School of Veterinarian Medicine) and Dr. James A. Serpell, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine) are undertaking the largest owner-dog personality behavior study ever conducted with a view to establishing once and for all how owner personality and psychological status affects a pet dog’s behavior.

The primary purpose of the Center for Canine Behavior Studies is to investigate the behavioral factors linking dogs and their owners in order to identify specifically the factors of behavioral compatibility that most influence dog relinquishment and abandonment.

Every year millions of dogs are relinquished just in the United States alone.

Dog relinquishment is the largest contributing factor in shelter overpopulation. In turn, shelter overpopulation is the largest contributing factor in unnecessary canine euthanasia; up to 1.5 MILLION each year in the U.S.

The overarching mission of the Center for Canine Behavior Studies is to unearth behavioral linkages between adopters and dogs that preserve and reinforce that relationship, reduce relinquishment and abandonment, and work toward the eventual goal of putting the practice of canine euthanasia into the past once and for all.

Please share this information with other dog owners— especially owners of rescue dogs.

To learn more and volunteer to participate, please visit the Center for Canine Behavior Studies web site and register for free membership.