Sunday, April 25, 2010

See you at the Spring Game this Friday night!


  1. I'll be there Dubs! Congrats again on your NCAA Mascot of the Year rock!

  2. How come no announcement on here that you won the NCAA Mascot Tournament. Oh well, at least you won. Here is your theme song. Sung to the tune of "One shining Moment" (NCAA Tournament Anthem)

    Your bowl is licked
    there you are
    you're running for your life
    you better not be chasing cars.

    That is all I have :)

  3. Mom's going to go, we can't... I think you're th only 4 legged dawg allowed. But maybe mom will get a picture with you? She'd like that!

    Nala & Tanner

  4. Hey Showstopper - Fan appreciation day was my way of saying I won the mascot tournament. I love Dawg fans! Thanks for the song. I like it! The only car I chase is the helmet car that drives the track when the Huskies score a touchdown. Go Dawgs!